Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

The honorable adjudicators, the committee, and all of the audience, good morning

First of all, let us thank God the Almighty for blessing us with grace to gather in this room to join the speech contest in Sanata Dharma University.

Dear audiences

I am standing here to share something about the use and consumption of herbal or traditional medicines in this modern era. Nowadays, herbal medicines are widely consumed because they have no harmful side effect on our body. Moreover, such medicines are relatively easy to obtain and sometimes even cost-free. For centuries, herbal medicines have been widely used to cure various diseases.

. As we know, chemical drugs produced by pharmaceutical industries give negative impacts on our body since they can possibly damage human organs such as livers and kidneys. Therefore, it is necessary to develop herbal medicine, especially in Indonesia. Why? Indonesia is very rich in herbs. There are approximately 30,000 types of herbs that can be processed to produce herbal medicines. More or less 3,000 of the herbs have been registered and 300 herbs are widely consumed like turmeric, ginger, curcuma, and gotu kola (sometimes called marsh penny). Besides its high availability, those herbal medicines are absorbed by human body as nutrition to enhance the immune system.

Dear audiences,

The meaning of herbal itself is a plant or a part of plant which is used to give a certain taste, odor, or medicine. Meanwhile the board of Indonesian POM defines it as a material or mixture of plants, animals, minerals which is used through generations  as a medicine based on many years of experiences. The board of Indonesia POM has classified the various or kinds of herb medicine from Indonesia such us ‘jamu’, the standardized herb medicine and phitopharmacy. The word ‘jamu’ is not strange anymore for our ears, because ‘jamu’ is our traditional and original medicine in which the ingredients has been used through generations as traditional medicine for example ‘beras kencur’, ‘kunyit asam’ and many more.

The standardized herb medicine is the natural herb supply which has been proved safe and effective scientifically under pre clinical test and the ingredients have been standardized. The production of this standardized herb medicine has been processed  through an effectiveness test and safety usage test, so this standardized herb medicine is able to be consumed if it has been through a set of test and therefore is safe to consume.

Dear audiences,

The last kind of herb medicine according to POM Indonesia is phitopharmacy. Phito pharmacy is the higher standard for herb medicine, it is an available natural medicine which has been proven safe and effective scientifically through clinical and pre-clinical test. When it has passed the clinical test, it will get evidence based herbal medicine” which means having medical evidence for the safety and effectiveness for human. In Indonesia there have been some kinds of herb medicine which belong to phitopharmacy and have been prescribed by the physicians for its usage.

We know that the standardized herb medicine and phitopharmacy have been clinically tested, yet in consuming we must remember the right dosage which has been advised and it must be based on the consumption regulation which has ben determined, because the words ‘herb’ doesn’t mean that the medicine is safe to be consumed without any control.

Dear audiences,

It is true that consuming herb medicine is safer than consuming the chemical ones, but we must pay attention to the regulation or dosage of the usage. Make sure that the herb medicine has been listed in the BPOM, and consult the phisician before we consume it.

Dear audiences,

That’s all that I can share, hopefully it will be useful for all of us, here. I do apologize if I said something which is unconvenient and not appropriate for you to listen, in fact the defficiency is mine. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb


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