Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

First of all, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude:

First is to Mr.Tri Sugiharto the headmaster of SMA 1 Kalasan

Second is to all my beloved teachers

Third is to the honorable judges

Fourth is to my dearest friends,

The last but not least, of course is to our God, Allah SWT. It’s only because of his Mercy, we can stand and gather in this place in a good condition.

Well, before I continue my speech, I’d like to introduce my self. My name is…..I’m from…..

Ladies and Gentlemen, our purpose of gathering in this place is actually to celebrate the birthday one of our women heroes in Indonesia. Although in fact, it will be tomorrow, April 21st. okay, now let me begin by reminding you our past life. In the past, women were weak people. They didn’t have freedom in doing outside activities. They just stayed at homes and perhaps only in the kitchens.

Women didn’t have chances as man did. Women, even didn’t go to school. They didn’t allow to take higher education than man did. In other words, women couldn’t do anything they wanted to do, because everything were limited to do by women at that time. Fortunately, there was someone who changed all women’s life.

Now look at women around us! Nowadays, especially  women, are free to do all activities and the most important thing is we can take higher education or at least we have the same opportunities as man. We can see our mothers or all women outside. They have the same opportunities with man. Most of women even go for working. They even do what the man can do, take for example, nowadays we can see women became pilots, armis, drivers and also members of parliament. If we can take backwards we still remember that Indonesia ever had a women president. Yes, Mrs. Megawati, she is a daughter of our 1st president, Mr.Soekarno. Some of women even are success in their carriers.

Well, those can be merely happened without any struggles. All of changes are brought by someone. Someone who was strong enough to fight. Someone who was brave to make a change. Someone who we must grateful to. Someone who is women. And who is she? Yes, she is Kartini.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Kartini is one of women characters who rendered many services to women’s life. She is our  hero. She is all women’s hero. Because of her struggle, we can feel freedom right now. It’s absolutely sure that it needed a long process and much times to make changes. Therefore, it’s a must for us to celebrate her birthday in order to remember of her and appreciate her struggle.

Well my dearest friend, start from today, let’s continue her struggle by studying and reaching our ideas to make changes for ourselves, for Indonesia, for all women in the world, and of course for Kartini. By wearing this kind of clothes, kebaya, we have to make a change like what Kartini had done but in our own ways, of course. The thing to remember is we have to keep trying in achieving our goals or ideas although there will be so many obstacles. I know, it will be difficult, but just remember “ there ends darkness when comes a light”. Or in Bahasa Indonesia we say Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang.

Okay, that’s bring me to the end of my speech, and thank’s for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb


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